Doug Bowen-Bailey headshot wearing CIT shirtAdvice for Digital Immigrants

by Doug Bowen-Bailey
CIT Webmaster

For ASL, the “S” handshape can be used to signify many concepts: Safety, support, defense. In English, adding an “s” to something makes it plural.  The CIT website has recently combined how English adds an “s” with some of the ideas that an S can represent in ASL.

Our website address now starts with https:// instead of http://.  The added “s” denotes use of encryption to provide added security. This includes for both our website and membership database.

When you visit our website, you should now see a lock in the URL address bar that shows our site is secure. We haven’t seen any issues yet with this transition, but if you do have some issue in accessing a part of the web site, please contact me and I’ll work on resolving.

So, it’s one small letter, but an important step toward being part of creating a more secure internet experience.

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