Treasurer’s Report – April 2016

Patricia Lessard headshot wearing CIT shirtby Patty Lessard
CIT Treasurer

English Version

Good morning,

The Board is here in Kentucky getting things ready for the upcoming conference next Fall. Many things to take care of as the time gets closer!

I will now provide you all with the Treasurer’s Report for this quarter – January, February and March:

In our Business Checking account, we currently have $13,671.51.

In our Business Savings account, we currently have $172,293.52 with the understanding that I have set aside a large portion of that for the expenses that we will incur for the upcoming conference this October. Will I see you there???

The total at this time is $185,965.03.

I have some good news to share as well! RIT/NTID has generously agreed to sponsor the Opening Ceremony at the conference this October! They have given us a check for $5,000.00. Thank you RIT/NTID!

Look forward to seeing you all here in Kentucky!