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The NorthStar Mentorship Project Panel Discussion: Innovation in Online Mentoring

Presented by Jenn Harvey, David Davenport &  Amy Drewek


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The NorthStar Mentorship Project is a state funded grant project developed to support interpreters toward certification attainment or advancement. The project offers five specialized mentorship tracks designed to meet the range of professional growth and certification goals of interpreters. Each track takes place online incorporating various virtual platforms. Participants work through purposeful activities with a team of mentors enriching language, interpreting, and professional development. The panel will discuss the project origins, philosophical foundations, overall structure and lessons learned during the first year. The project was established through the Interpreter Mentorship, Education and Training (IMET) project with TAESE at Utah State University.

Participants will:

  • Share key elements of the NorthStar Mentorship project vision and philosophy
  • Identify effective strategies for mentoring online
  • Describe the benefits of incorporating language coaches and interpreter mentors
  • Apply the lessons learned from panel members to their own mentoring practice
  • Discuss potential applications for offering mentoring services in their home states

A white woman with brown hair highlighted at the bottom smiles at the camera in front of green foliageJennifer Harvey is the Project Director for the Training and Assessment Systems for K-12 Interpreters (TASK12) project as well as the Interpreter Mentorship, Education, and Training (IMET) project with TAESE at Utah State University. She is nationally certified with 30 years of extensive experience as an American Sign Language interpreter practitioner, educator, and mentor. She has developed and administered innovative grant funded programs designed to support interpreters in their professional growth toward certification through effective mentorships. She works closely with various TASK12 member states providing technical assistance, assessments and training for educational interpreters. She comes from a heritage language background and honors with pride the rich experience of being raised by wonderful parents who are Deaf in a bilingual, bicultural environment among a community she treasures. Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Educational Interpreting and a Master of Science degree in ASL/English Interpreting Pedagogy.

A white man who is balding and has a red beard smiles at the camera in front of a tan backgroundDavid Davenport is a visionary promoting digital learning in ASL instruction. David has been teaching ASL for over fifteen years. David has developed ASL curriculum and assessment tools incorporating a new modern style of teaching and technology for his classes to enrich the learning experience for students. David is a versatile individual with a wide range of talents such as teaching, storytelling, coordinating, training, remodeling, video editing, and other technology-related skills. David earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Brigham Young University and a Master of Arts degree in Sign Language Education from Gallaudet University.

A woman with short red hair wearing glasses and a black blouse smiles at camera in front of green wallAmy Drewek is the Project Administrator and Lead Interpreter Mentor for the Interpreter Mentorship, Education, and Training (IMET) project with TAESE at Utah State University. Amy earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Deaf Studies from the University of Arizona, her Master of Arts degree in Interpretation from the Department of Interpretation and Translation at Gallaudet University, where she is currently a doctoral candidate with a focus on Interpretation Research. She is nationally certified (CI/CT, NIC-Master) and has been working as an interpreter practitioner, educator, and mentor for the past 23 years.