Reaching New Heights in Interpreter Education: Mentoring, Teaching & Leadership

A head shot of a white man with short, sandy hair and a mustache and goatee - looking directly at the camera and smiling. Picture is in front of a white background.New Technology Coming for Conference

The CIT board is pleased to announce Jay Krieger will be working with the conference team to enhance your conference experience.

He will assist us in providing:

  • Argumented Reality of the Legacies and Legends Book, authored by Carolyn Ball
  •  Interactive Surveys & Results. Sessions will include embedded QR codes you will be able to scan and have your response included in the discussion in real time.
  • Digital voting at the CIT business meeting.

More about Jay

Jay Krieger holds RID’s Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) since 2012 and RID’s Conditional Legal Interpreter – Relay (CLIP-R). Has worked in various interpreting settings, including but not limited to, Legal, DeafBlind, Platform, and Medical. He is passionate when it comes to working with the courts.  He has started to do a lot of professional video-based English to ASL translation work for numerous clients.

He has been in the technology sector for over 25 years in his previous life.  He holds a BS degree from DePaul University, AAS degree from NTID/RID and attended Gallaudet University.  He taught Physics and Math to Deaf Kenyans while serving the Peace Corps in 2012-2013.  He hails from a multi-generation Deaf family, including three daughters and a Deaf grandson.