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Signed Language Interpreters’ Perceptions of Promotion on Facebook

‘Look-at-me’ Versus ‘Look-at-this’: Signed Language Interpreters’ Perceptions of Promotion on Facebook

Brett Best[1]
London, United Kingdom

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This article reports on a study exploring signed language interpreters’ perceptions of promotion on Facebook. Due to the global prevalence of Facebook, this study incorporated an international perspective by holding focus groups comprising 12 signed language interpreters from three nations: the United States, the United Kingdom, and Denmark. Facebook was perceived as a beneficial tool for promoting awareness and information about professional news and for implicit professional self-promotion. Specific strategies were reported for managing professional presentations of self on the social networking site. Interpreters promoting accessibility at events where their presence was requested was deemed acceptable, but further research is needed to conclusively determine common perspectives on an interpreter sharing information via Facebook about a public interpreting event after the fact. Participants in this study felt it was permissible for Deaf clients to post pictures or videos of working interpreters on Facebook but less so for the interpreters to post such media of themselves.


Facebook, promotion, self-promotion, professionalism, e-professionalism, self-presentation

 Download PDF for Complete Article (222 kb)

[1] Correspondence to: brett@bestvisualinterpreting.co.uk