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Online asynchronous learning: towards increasing student engagement through digital artifacts

by Paula MacDonald


August 13, 2020 | 9:15-10 am | Room

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Face-to-face traditional courses allow instructors to organically assess student engagement, as the classroom interaction is more readily accessible. Shea (2006) and Glazer & Wanstreet (2011) note one of the primary challenges to teaching online is encouraging student engagement. Since distance education occurs within virtual settings assessing student engagement can be more of a challenge for the course instructor. Dixson (2010) and Mulayium & Lai (2015) note that effective student engagement is contingent on instructor presence.

This retrospective study analyzed anonymous standard course evaluations (mid-term and final) for asynchronous online courses required in the Bachelor of Science Online Degree-Completion Program for Interpretation Studies in American Sign Language/English Interpreter Training Program (ITP) in the Midwest. As more ITPs add fully online courses innovative ideas to increase student engagement will need to be explored to ensure success of students in the sign language interpreting field.

Participants will be able to:

  • Analyze current use of digital artifacts in online course offerings to assess opportunities for increased student engagement.
  • Identify ways to increase student engagement on distance learning platforms.
  • Share student engagement success stories within their own programs.

A white woman with ear-length brown hair wearing a dark blue turtleneck smiles at camera in front of a blue wallPaula MacDonald, NIC, M.S., QMHI, holds a certificate in Deaf Studies, an Associate of Applied Science in English/ASL Interpreting and Transliteration, a Bachelor of Arts in Multicultural Interpreting, and a Master of Science in Interpreting Pedagogy. She completed her teaching practicum at Karl-Franzens University, Graz, Austria. She enjoys being an independent researcher, adjunct educator and works as a full time staff interpreter in state government. She holds an NIC as well as QMHI from Alabama. She lives with her family in Minneapolis, Minnesota.