NL_logoOne of the benefits of membership is receiving the CIT NewsOnline on a quarterly basis.  The menu on this page has a list of newsletters.  (Note:  as we move to this new format of web site, we will be working to migrate the archive of past newsletters to this site, but will begin by sending you to the old site.)

 See Current Issue:  Volume 40 | Issue 2 ~ April 2020

Information for Submissions

Advertising with the CIT Membership is a great way to reach interpreter educators who are committed to professional development. Position postings or other advertisments can be included in both the online newsletter and in an e-mail to our membership list.


To place an ad, contact the CIT webmaster who will facilitate the process. You will receive an invoice or can pay online with secure payment through PayPal. Once payment is received and if necessary, institutional membership is confirmed, the ad will be posted on the web site and will be distributed in the newsletter, by e-mail, or both.

Ad Rates – Effective Sept 1, 2013

Members Category 1* Category 2* Category 3*
E-mail $50 $65 $85
Newsletter $35 $45 $65
E-mail & NL $75 $90 $120
E-mail $70 $85 $100
Newsletter $50 $60 $80
E-mail & NL $100 $120 $140

Category Descriptions:

  • Category 1: Text (200 words or less) or 1 Graphic (1 page of PDF/JPEG/PNG/GIF) or 1 Video
  • Category 2: Longer text (201 words or more) or 2 Graphics or combination of Text & Graphic/video
  • Category 3: Combination of 3 or more items (Text, graphics and/or video)

Multiple Ad Discount:

  • 10% discount will be given for 3 consecutive advertisements.
  • 20% discount for monthly advertisements running not less than 6 months.
  • To receive the discount, contact the webmaster and we will figure out the payment amount and the easiest method of payment.

Payment Options

Online through our membership system.

Request an invoice to pay by check.

Deadlines for Newsletter:

  • July Newsletter – June 15
  • October Newsletter – September 15
  • January Newsletter – December 15
  • April Newsletter – March 15

The CIT News Online is published 4 times a year. We encourage all types of submissions related to interpreter education in either written English or in ASL video. The CIT webmaster will be in touch with you if there is any need for editing the video. In between newsletters, we will be sending out monthly CIT Briefs.

Submitting Written or Video Articles

To submit a written article, please send it as a Word, RTF, or HTML document to the CIT Webmaster.

To submit a video, please share through a file-sharing service such as GoogleDrive or Dropbox.

  If you have any questions regarding the newsletter, please contact the CIT Webmaster

Current Issue

The posts below are the current issue of the CIT News Online.  Members are able to see all of the information contained in the newsletter.  Want to see more, join CIT.

April 2020 – Volume 40 | Issue 2

Colorful outline of downtown Minneapolis with the words 20/20 vision above the buildings. Overarching like a rainbow is the conference theme Pursuing Equity and Social Justice in Interpreter education
White avatars holding up the letters: A, D, V, I, C, E
CIT logo - Purple pinwheel - in upper left. Spotlight on the CIT Conference Proceedings. Image of spotlight focusing on the words in the right side.
Red Avatar wearing black tie and holding red and white megaphone
Red Avatar wearing black tie and holding red and white megaphone
Red Avatar wearing black tie and holding red and white megaphone
Red Avatar wearing black tie and holding red and white megaphone