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One of the services that CIT provides is a forum for institutions and organizations seeking interpreter educators can advertise position openings.  This page has information on how to post as well as a list of current postings.  You also can advertise events and services to our members through this forum.  You can reach them via our email member list, on our web site and in our quarterly newsletter.

Job Postings & Advertising with CIT

Advertising with the CIT Membership is a great way to reach interpreter educators who are committed to professional development. Position postings or other advertisments can be included in both the online newsletter and in an e-mail to our membership list.


To place an ad, contact the CIT webmaster who will facilitate the process. All ads must be camera ready.  You will receive an invoice or can pay online with secure payment through PayPal. Once payment is received and if necessary, institutional membership is confirmed, the ad will be posted on the web site and will be distributed in the newsletter, by e-mail, or both.

Clarifying Advertisements

CIT has received some questions about some of the paid advertisements that are shared with CIT members. The board would like to clarify that in providing a forum for resource producers and educators to share opportunities with you, CIT is not providing an endorsement of any of these products. The board has made a procedural change to clarify this. The subject line of each paid advertisement will start:  “Paid Ad:”  The end of each ad will include the following statement:  “CIT seeks to share resources with its members through advertisements, however this does not represent an endorsement by CIT.”

Ad Rates – Effective Sept 1, 2013

Members Category 1* Category 2* Category 3*
E-mail $50 $65 $85
Newsletter $35 $45 $65
E-mail & NL $75 $90 $120
E-mail $70 $85 $100
Newsletter $50 $60 $80
E-mail & NL $100 $120 $140

Category Descriptions:

  • Category 1: Text (200 words or less) or 1 Graphic (1 page of PDF/JPEG/PNG/GIF) or 1 Video
  • Category 2: Longer text (201 words or more) or 2 Graphics or combination of Text & Graphic/video
  • Category 3: Combination of 3 or more items (Text, graphics and/or video)

Multiple Ad Discount:

  • 10% discount will be given for 3 consecutive advertisements.
  • 20% discount for monthly advertisements running not less than 6 months.

Deadlines for Newsletter:

  • July Newsletter – June 15
  • October Newsletter – September 15
  • January Newsletter – December 15
  • April Newsletter – March 15