Nominations for the Mary Stotler Award

Mary Stotler

Deadline for Submission is May 1

Mary Stotler was a cherished interpreter in the Seattle area who was well respected in the Deaf and interpreting communities.  She was a founding member of CIT and served on its board.  A well respected interpreter and interpreter educator, her influence was felt both in the Northwest and in the nation.  An award was established in her honor.

About the Nomination Process

This award recognizes a person who has made significant contributions to the field of interpreting and interpreter education.  The award, started in 1985, is a national award jointly awarded by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID), and the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT).   The recipient of this award is recognized at both the RID and CIT conventions.

A person who is nominated must:

  • be a member of RID and CIT,
  • both a working interpreter and an interpreter educator, and
  • have made significant contributions in advancing the field of interpreting and interpreter education.

Nominations must include an application form, a current curriculum vita of the nominee, a letter of nomination signed by 10 current CIT and/or  RID  members and a letter summarizing why your nominee should be  honored.

Download an application form. | Fill out a nomination form online.

Deadline for submission is July 1. All forms must be sent to the RID office who will distribute them to the committee members and liaisons from the CIT and RID Boards. More details in the application form.

Former Winners of the Mary Stotler Award

1985 – Anna Maria Rinaldi
1987 – Betty Colonomos
1989 – Dennis Cokely
1992 – Linda Stauffer
1994 – Myra Taff-Watson
1998 – Carol Patrie
2000 – Elizabeth Winston
2002 – Theresa Smith
2004 – Myron Yoder
2006 – Anna Witter-Merrithew
2008 – Robyn Dean
2010 – Sharon Neumann Solow
2012 – Marty Taylor
2014 – Laurie Swabey
2018 – Eileen Forestal