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International Journal of Interpreter Education – Complete Volume 9(1)

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Table of Contents


Creating Connections Between Inquiry and Education
Ineke Crezee and George Major

Research Articles

‘Look-at-me’ Versus ‘Look-at-this’: Signed Language Interpreters’ Perceptions of Promotion on Facebook
Brett Best

Using Propositional Analysis to Assess Interpreting Quality
Yan Lydia Ding

“That is not the question I put to you Officer”: An Analysis of Student Legal Interpreting Errors
Jo Anna Burn and Ineke Crezee

Open Forum

The Benefits of Research on Learning and Practice: Thoughts from the 2017 Symposium on Interpretation and Translation
Lori Whynot

Interview with Myriam Vermeerbergen: Flemish Sign Language
Myriam Vermeerbergen and Debra Russell

Book review: Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research: Selected papers from the First International Symposium
Rachel McKee

Book review: Linguistic Coping Strategies in Sign Language Interpreting
Rachel Mapson

 Download Complete PDF
of Journal
(2 MB)