Jessica Bentley-Sassaman headshot wearing CIT shirt

by Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
CIT President

ASL Version

July 2020 – CIT President’s Message

Hello CIT members! I have three updates for you. First ASLTA and CIT have developed an MOU that has been signed by both organizations. It will be posted soon for members to read. I am excited for this new partnership between ASLTA and CIT.  Just a reminder, the joint ASLTA-CIT conferences is next summer 2021 in Columbus, Ohio.

Next, I want to thank Doug Bowen-Bailey for all his years of service as the CIT webmaster. Thank you Doug! CIT will soon be putting out an RFP for a new webmaster, keep a look out for that.

Finally, the fall semester is still up in the air, some colleges are truncating the semester, some are starting earlier, approaching it in a hybrid format, or fully online, many are still up in the air. A few months ago, a Canvas site was set up by Betsy Winston with resources to help you prepare for the upcoming semester. 

I hope you are all healthy and safe, see you again soon, good-bye.