Call for Nominations for CIT Board

Call for nominations for CIT Board Members

President and Secretary

An announcement from the Nominations Chair

Hello CIT members!  My name is Royce Carpenter, the 2018 nominating chair. We have wonderful and dynamic leaders in our body and I know you are ready to lead.  Please nominate a colleague, with their permission, who has the leadership and organizational skills to take on the role of President or Secretary. Share their qualifications for the positions in your recommendations.  The member must be in good standing to submit a nomination.

You can use the form below to submit a nomination. You can also send questions or nominations to I look forward to seeing the many nominations submitted!

Nominations are due September 15, 2018.

  • 2018 CIT Board Nomination Form

    For more information regarding the duties for each position you may look at CIT’s By-laws and find them under:

    ARTICLE IV — COMPOSITION OF THE BOARD; Section 7 — Officers and Duties:  President and Secretary

  • Nominee Information

    In this section, share information related to the person being nominated for a CIT Board position.
  • I am nominating this person for:
  • Describe why this person is prepared to serve in this position for CIT. If you prefer to share qualifications in ASL, please share a link to an unlisted video in YouTube.
  • Nominator Information

    This is for information about the person who is nominating someone to be a candidate for the CIT board. (You can nominate yourself.)
  • I have confirmed this person is interested in serving on the CIT board.