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Meeting Minutes September 25-26 Lexington, KY

Note – July no quorum – no meeting minutes, August no Board meeting   Conference of Interpreter Trainers Face to Face Board Meeting Lexington, KY September 25, 2015   Persons present: Leslie Greer, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Kellie Stewart, Carole Lazorisak   Late: Kimberly Hale, Jeremy Rogers   Connected via mobile: Jimmy Beldon   Excused: Patty Lessard […]

Meeting Minutes June 10, 2015

CIT Board –Online Meeting June 10, 2015   At 7:20 pm Eastern the meeting was called to order by Vice-President J. Beldon   Present: L. Greer (arrived late), J. Beldon, P. Lessard, C. Lazorisak, K. Hale, J. Rogers, K. Stewart, and W. Smith Jr. Excused: J. Bentley-Sassaman Approval of April meeting minutes (no quorum in […]

Meeting Minutes March 18, 2015

CIT Board Online March 18, 2015 3:15 pm meeting was called to order by President L. Greer Present: L. Greer, J. Beldon, J. Bentley-Sassaman, P. Lessard, C. Lazorisak, K. Hale, J. Rogers Excused: K. Stewart and W. Smith Jr. Approval of CIT Board meeting minutes from February 25, 2015. Discussion of sponsorships for StreetLeverage and […]