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Why Come to the CIT Conference?

by Carolyn Ball
CIT Conference Co-Chair

English Translation

Hello. My name is Carolyn Ball and I’m the coordinator for the CIT Conference this year in 2018 which will be here in Salt Lake City (SLC), Utah. I’m very excited for you to come to SLC because the conference will be wonderful. Have you seen who the plenary speakers will be? They will be amazing. And now, the workshops are being chosen and we will know soon what those workshops will be. I’m so excited for you to come. My message today is to give you five reasons why you should come to the CIT Conference in SLC. Of course, you should come for the conference, that is a given. But, today I will give you five reasons… there are so many to tell you that I have picked five for now.

  1. The first reason is that Salt Lake City, which is three words, is the only capital city in the United States with three words.
  2. The second reason that you should come to visit SLC is that we have a very large and active Deaf Community. We even have the Sanderson Community Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The building is named after Robert Sanderson who was a president of NAD in the past. Pretty amazing.
  3. The third reason is really quite amazing because of the product JELLO. The company who makes JELLO is Kraft. Kraft has kept exteBowl of green Jellonsive statistics on which city consumes the most green JELLO in the world. Can you believe that SLC consumes the most green JELLO in the world? It is true. So, you can come to SLC and eat some green JELLO!
  4. The fourth reason you should come to SLC is that you can see the beautiful mountains every day. The important thing for you to remember is that you need to drink a lot of water while you are here due to the high altitude and getting headaches. You will be fine if you drink lots of water.
  5. The fifth reason you should come to SLC is that the city itself has over 118 bars, just in the downtown area. Not only that, there are over 12 local breweries that make their own beer and you can taste the many to choose from.
  6. Oh, I forgot to tell you something very important. So, I guess that means really, I’m telling you six reasons to come to SLC. Around town you will see white trains with the word TRAX on it. This is the transportation system in the downtown area of SLC. The amazing thing is that you can ride the train for free anywhere in the city. So, you can hop on at one location and do some sightseeing and then get back on the train and go to another location. All for free!

And those 6 reasons are why you should come to SLC for the CIT Conference. I’m very excited and look forward to seeing you at the Conference!