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IJIE Volume 9(2) Published

The International Journal of Interpreter Education Volume 9(2) is now available with a theme of “Interpreter Education Within and Outside of the Classroom.” Thanks to the editorial team for their work in preparing the volume.

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Table of Contents

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Interpreter Education Within and Outside of the Classroom

George Major and Ineke Crezee


Research Articles

Training Interpreters and Translators in Spain’s Asylum and Refugee Office (OAR): A Case Study

Carmen Valero Garcés

Conquering the Interpreter’s Operational Space: Sign Language Interpreting Students and their Acculturation to Deafblind Clients

Gro Hege Saltnes Urdal


Open Forum

Interview with Dr. Phyllis Perrin Wilcox: The Accreditation Process

Anita Nelson-Julander

Interview with sign language interpreter and trainer Maya de Witt

Ester de Boe

Book review: Consecutive Notetaking and Interpreter Training

Debra Russell

Dissertation Abstracts

Rachel Mapson, Marina Sánchez Torrón, and Delys Magill